$100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Gold Leaf Note

$100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Gold Leaf Note


Exceptional design, this 24 carat 99.9% gold leaf $100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe replica novelty note is a fine specimen with the same detailing as the original $100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe note. A great item to keep or to put on display in home or place of business.

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Product Description

($100 Trillion)
Zimbabwe Note
24 Carat 99.9% Pure Gold Leaf


If there ever was a note that any collector should have in their collection, it is the 100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe 99.9% pure 24 carat gold foil version of the note.

The Guardian journalist said ”
In an extraordinary irony, the 100 trillion dollar note – a symbol of financial mismanagement on a colossal scale – has turned into one of the best-performing asset classes of recent years.”

The original 100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe note is one of the highest denomination notes in existence. Whether you are looking to get rich, are rich and want something representative of a high amount of wealth and money or are simply a fond collector, the gold version replica of the original note speaks elegance and style and is a great piece to add on the wall in a frame or to hold in your collection.

The original note is a matter of history.

In 2006, 2008, 2009, the Zimbabwe government issued ever increasing denominations of currency due to hyper inflation. The result was one of the highest denominations the world has seen – The 100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe note.

On 12th April 2009, the Zimbabwe government abandoned its own currency, making investors and collectors seeking out the notes on the market.

Today, collectors around the world seek out the 100 Trillion Dollar note like hot cakes and it has become somewhat both a collectors item and a note for investors.

It should have been produced in gold!

Years on, today, we have an elegantly designed version of the 100 Trillion Dollar note that comes in 99.9% pure gold leaf.

With both sides produced, they are pressed onto a piece of flexible plastic to protect the 99.9% gold leaf from losing shape.

You have both sides of the note in clear detail, embossed where you can see and feel the details, and is made to the same size as the original notes. As light shines the gold sparkles making this such a fine item to have.

The 100 Trillion Dollar notes we have available for you today are coloured with green, bronze and blue making this item visually stunning.

We have these items in limited quantities so be sure to buy today to get it fast.



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